A Millennials Take on Living

With a love of writing, this blog is an honest take on all things lifestyle; mixing a cocktail of topics such as mental health, parenting, existing while Black and all the nuances in between.


  • My Toxic Traits
    Dating profiles; are nonsense- they’re meant to be quick, catchy, show a slice of your personality and if you’re lucky you come off a slither interesting. But it got me thinking ( typically ) what if we wrote about the not so attractive parts of ourselves? What if we skipped […]
  • Red
    Red. Fiery. Bubbling hot, Sometimes when the feeling gets too overwhelming,I imagine myself tapping into it,Just under the surface of my skin,Rage soIt pains my chest,Trickling into everything I touch,Damaged. Used goods. Past its prime,Overdue. Doubt fills my ever thinking mind,Apathy seems to follow me. April 2022- R1
  • Book Review: Talking To Strangers
    I know I am late to the Malcom Gladwell fan club, but I am here anyways, might have taken me a while 😅. Needless to say, after picking up this book- I couldn’t put it down! To say it was eye opening and in some ways provided many many aha […]
  • Always Remain
    Memories are a funny thing,They creep up on you when you least expect it, While you’re doing something mundane, And a thought will hit your senses like a hurricane, Suddenly a pang will strike your chest, Halting your progress, Memories will always remain,Things you assumed buried away many moons ago, […]
  • The Goals I Have Been Too Scared To Put To Words
    Goals, goals, goals, some of us have many and some of us don’t have any. For the most part I have always had a general idea of what I wanted to do with/in my life, but I have never really overtly shared my LIFE goals, that has always been a […]
  • Never Know
    I wish I meant enough to you to earn your time, I wish you felt the same way I feel about you, But, in the silences- I guess we’ll never know. I wish you trusted me enough to fully let me in, I wish you thought I was good enough […]
  • My Dating Mistakes
    I feel like I am always beginning posts with disclaimers, but if one ever needed one- it’s this one. I will start off by saying I am in no way done with making mistakes in general or dating related. In fact I am very much a newbie when it comes […]
  • Sour
    It still makes me sad that you never wanted me as much as I did you, I did all of the right things, brought you into my fold, So openly and with deep affection, Why wasn’t I good enough? Knowing what I have to offer, what about me didn’t suit? […]
  • Book Review: Yellow Wife
    Instagram really got me good on this one, after constantly seeing this book on my feed at the back end of 2021, beginning of 2022 I thought why not give it a try. Must be gathering traction for a good reason, and if I’m being honest in some ways it […]
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