Missing someone is like waves.

At times, it’s a slow ebb, creeping along the corners.

Other times, it’s like a gust of wind, waiting to slap you in the face.

Like waves, it slowly creeps in, back and forth until it reveals raw, untethered longing…

Sometimes, the pain is a mere sting, a pang of a missed moment.

Other times, it’s a heart stopping, pace halting jolt of the heart…

How do you express missing a part of yourself?

How do you function when there is a void?

Will the tide come in and return the lost pieces, will it soothe and heal?

Does it smooth out around the edges and make the sting less painful?


Or does the tide just continue to take more parts of what’s missing?

Slowly…crash in…crash out…

Until they become nothing but a memory…

Until you feel the pain, but can’t remember why…

Does the distance really make the heart fonder?

Or simply make the heart more resilient?

-June 2018- R1