June Roundup

Summer actually showed up!! And trust me, I fully took advantage and I’m not apologizing for it! As of writing this post, so far, I don’t think it’s rained yet (fingers crossed), because of this, we have spent a lot of our time outdoors, naturally. So, prepare for a lot of nature shots in this month’s roundup! Let’s go!


Waterway & Tree.jpg

“Waterway & Tree”
I don’t think taking photos of the canal can every get old! There’s always something to look at and a different way you can take and as a photographer you can ALWAYS simply change your perspective!



I had planned a little trip to the park nearby by, by ways of the canal- but we took a little detour off the beaten path and cane upon a beautiful field! Eventually, it lead us to the park we originally meant to visit, but didn’t end up staying as the walk ended up being well over an hour! We took a mini break and dipped our feet in the cool, refreshing water.







During our walk, my daughter stopped to take a rock out of her shoe, as she stopped a butterfly stopped near by, it was only for a very shot instance, but I was so happy to have my camera to catch it! I swear, it’s been years since I’ve seen lots of butterflies. I wished I had gotten it’s other angle, but I’m not sure I could of gotten a better shot before it flew away.


Flat Lays
I’m not sure if any of you know this, but my sister and I have a blog, My Sister’s Keeper, because of this, I’m trying to build up my catalogue of flat lays for posts. I have to say that I am really proud of this shot, it’s simple, but it looks great! The flower is actually from a flowering tree we have in our backyard, my ever increasing obsession with EOS and of course a cup of tea and a rose gold pen, which  are musts.



My daughter is obsessed with the colour purple, because of this I feel like my eyes now naturally gravitate to the colour; I spot it every where and in everything! These flowers are everywhere and


Went out for a walk, adamant to find lots of pretty things to photograph, only to cross the street and spot these beautiful poppies in my neighbours front yard. I just LOVE the details you can find in some of the most simple and “every day” things.



Cascading Yellow
I have no idea what this “tree/flower” is called, but it’s so lovely and I find myself drawn to it every time I see them, so it was finally time for me to photograph it, this one was on someone’s lawn so I took a quick snap, but I’d like to take a much more detailed shot of the inside or a closer look of each little flower!



I’ve come to realise that I’m really drawn to water, something about the noise that really relaxes me and I’ve headed the call. Nature has always been my thing, although I’m not sure nature likes me, I always end up with rashes or hives. But you can’t not like the outdoors and just how beautiful this world really is!







“Eco Flat Lay”

For the past year or so, I have been actively trying to find ways to reduce waste and to be more conscious of my personal impact on the environment. I attended The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival, and was so excited to try out new eco-friendly options- Shampoo bar, metal straw and a bamboo toothbrush! This is the flat lay I shot for it…I did warn you about my flat lay game prior.

Twin Toes

“Twin Toes”

Disclaimer, I had actually wrapped up this blog post, but couldn’t resist sharing this photo, as it was 1- taken in June and 2-just so adorable! I fully enjoyed the double cuddles I got during this session. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming blog post! I just have to work on my self-criticism. K, bye!


I have to admit that I’m super surprised it’s basically July and a part of me wants to cry because 2018 is moving along much fast than I ever expected. It’s also forcing me have a look back at my goals, to reset and to see if I’m actually ticking any off! See you next month!

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