Our 5 Favourite Things About Blogging

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We have been blogging for a hot minute, and if we’re honest, we were hit with a massive learning curve. From using the right site to launch the blog, to creating engaging, open and honest content. It wasn’t as easy as we thought! It’s not to even say that we’ve learned all that we need to; blogging is an ever evolving thing and because it mainly relies on people and their interactions with your blog, it’s probably near impossible to learn it all. Even though we’ve been doing it for a short time, we wanted to look back and explore the things we love about blogging!




  • Community: We have re-connected with and have joined a great group of bloggers who have similar blogs to ours, we encourage, like and interact with each other’s blogs. It has helped build our confidence, but also to have people to share thoughts and ideas with has been really refreshing and a pleasant surprise!
  • Always Evolving/Learning: We love the idea that there isn’t a finality to blogging, there is always something to learn and improve. This can feel overwhelming, but it’s also exciting to know that you can always add to your knowledge!
  • Creativity: We have always been creative people, so to be able to shape and mold our own content; from choosing what images to post, which subjects or topics we cover- is very exciting and we thoroughly enjoy it!
  • The Freedom: To be able to make our blog whatever we’d like to make it. Just having the option of a blank canvas, can be daunting, but it’s also very exciting, because it reflects who we are and our own personal experiences, which is what makes our and most people’s blogs interesting! Everyone would like to know that they’re not alone in how they feel and their experiences.
  • Growing: To say that we have grown from the start of this blog, is an understatement. We have grown as writers, individuals, and most importantly, as sisters. This venture started off as a pass time, to express the everyday things that intrigue us, inspire us, rear its head into our lives and so forth. But the blog has become more than just a blog. It has become a type of safe space, where we can be honest and connect with so many people who may feel the same way(s) that we do, about a topic, or not, and we get to learn other perspectives. Our blog has become a safe space for us and hopefully for you as well.

Fave Blog Accounts

  • @estlouis : Funny story, R1 actually went to high school with Erykah, her blog will fill you with open and frank conversations about motherhood and blackness. Her energy and honest online musings is so very relatable! We just wished we were brave enough to video our daily lives like she does. I’m afraid it would put most people to sleep.
  • @nudelipstix : Open, thought provoking and exuding Toronto and Canadian coolness. This was one of the earliest blogs we followed, when we started our own blogging journey, we share thoughts and tips on blogging; she welcomed us into the community and it has been so easy and warm, we couldn’t look back! Her Instagram account is a sight for sore eyes, but will also have you looking inward and triggering some deep feelings.
  • @montrealgirlboss : What a great success story these two lovely ladies have been! With every post, we feel uplifted and confident to keep on our own blogging journey! They are legit from the same neck of the woods as we are and disclaimer, Sam actually dated our brother in high school! It’s such a great thing to witness someone you used to know be successful, but their openness and energy for life is so palatable and energizing, you can’t help but be captivated! You won’t regret following them!
  • @akua_mode : R2 came across this dear account, when she discovered that a friend of hers blogged! I’m still trying to put my finger on how to define this blog, but maybe that’s the fun of it! It’s so many things balled up into one; honest, personal and relatable. I can’t tell you how many times she has covered a topic that reflects my reality…it’s scary! But definitely worth the read!
  • @jennakutcher : R1 came across this account through her photography, but her personal account is just as inspiring and honest. She shares her struggles with infertility and the miscarriages her and her husband have endured. She is open about her body and has embraced all that it is. But her spirit, passion and love for life is infectious through her account.
  • @thebucketlistfamily : Inspiration is beyond the words to describe this account! Sparking our love for travel, fun and family. This account is a must!
  • @hanantehaili : Not only is she beautiful, but her honesty and spirit is so warm. I admire the fact that her faith is important to her and this features in her blogging, but it is also just one part of her. I love that her mere presence and huge following allows people to see another aspect of how we might of deemed her religion to be. I love this account!
  • @thereaderslounge : You know we LOVE our books, this account gives you so much #bookfeels, I find myself liking so many of their posts, it’s verging on stalking.
  • @naptural85 : Hair goals for LIFE! I have been following her for years, but her account is one of the few which kept me encouraged in my natural hair journey, plus she has an adorable family.
  • @bodyposipanda : The honesty and openness of her posts is beyond inspiring and refreshing, she is an amazing personality, but is also aware that with her following comes great responsibility. I genuinely respect her honesty, on the days when you’re down and hating on the areas of your body you don’t like, we come across her posts and are filled with truth, she is well worth the follow!
  • @foodandjewels-@savourysweetsbakery– @handmademtl: Let me tell you how much I legit, unequivocally stalk these accounts! This is my epically talented, there’s nothing she can’t do, Allison! I also went to high school with her! She has numerous accounts, based on her various skills/talents- her baking account is not for you if you’re on a diet. Her cakes are literally works of art and they taste divine! Her account- Food and Jewels, covers her food blogging, it offers equal amounts of saliva worthy photographs and lastly her jewellery making account will make you swoon over all the adorable and original pieces she makes.


Through it all, the one thing we need and rely on is you, the reader. Thank you for liking, for sharing, commenting- all of the interactions help us to keep finding new content to share with you all. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

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