The Old You


Laughter, spontaneity and fun,

Never quite knowing whether we were ending or beginning,

A spark, passion and full of life,

We took risks, we tried new things,

We were discovering each other along with ourselves,

Time, weathered and worn,

I am now caught between the person I now know and am torn,

What happened to you, what did I miss?

When did we become like this?

Silent, internal and withdrawn,

With a constant look; forlorn,

A tear slides down my cheek,

Too chocked up to speak,

I feel as if I no longer know who you are,

How did we get this far?

I feel as if I am loving a ghost,

Made worst because you were the one I loved the most,

When all I see is the shell of what you used to be,

Will you ever be what you used to mean to me?

R1- July 2018