Vulnerability is an interesting concept,
If shown to the right person,
It can literally feel like a seed has been planted and flowers coming into full bloom,
It creates a connection between two people,
Open, free from judgement and fear

Yet, vulnerability expressed to the wrong person,
Can be used as a weapon,
A tool to control, apply guilt and pressure,
Twisting, churning and pulling the strings,

I chose you.
To open up, to share my thoughts and feelings,
You accepted.
Listened, laughed, reassured and encouraged my trust,
Then you pulled away,
Siting turbulence, wrong timing, feelings building,
And just like that.
You betrayed my fragility.
You dropped the case containing my heart,
Just as it was being handed over to you.

Now you bat your eyes at me, say you are repentant,
Begin picking up the shards of broken glass,
But you ignore the ones that have already pierced my heart…

R1-Aug 2018


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