Did I really like you or was it the attention you provided?

Was I searching for validation or to be seen?

Was it because you made me feel special, wanted, visible?

Did I really like you or was the thrill of the chase that ignited something in me?

Awoken to myself outside of mother or friend.

You gave me attention I never knew I wanted.

But now that you have so easily dropped me from your priorities,

I am left wondering if any of it was genuine or if you simply got your fill,

Did any of it matter? Did it mean anything?

And the way I am now feeling, was it worth the attention?

R1- Aug 2018



    1. Rae-Anne & Rekeisha

      Oh yes! I find it’s been worse when it’s friendship relationships that end up being one sided. Those hurt the most. But life has a way of showing you that maybe you really didn’t need them anyways. Glad you could relate! Sometimes, I think it’s all in my head- lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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