Our Blogging Goals


Goals, goals, goals, plans, plans and even more plans. The new year is upon us and even though we really weren’t prepared and still can’t process how time flies by so quickly, it’s the time of year where we take stock of the year that’s been and plan ahead (as much as we can plan), for the year to come. As it’s been a bit over a year into our blogging journey and we are more than enjoying it; we decided it was time we not only took it more seriously but it is also time we put our goals into the universe. At the same time, we wanted to take the time to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you for your likes, comments and enthusiasm for reading our content- it really means a lot. So, read along with us and help us on our journey!

1. Reach 1000+ Instagram likes: I know numbers may not matter and the content of our blog will naturally attract the right likes and the right audience, but it doesn’t hurt to have a target or some sort of plan. Of course, lots of people dream to be overnight sensations and would like to have their 15 seconds of fame- this isn’t why we began our blog. So in 2019, we’d like to increase our Instagram likes to 1000 and of course, we wouldn’t turn away more! You might think this is an easy thing to do, but with the new algorithms and the push to purchase likes, it’s become tricky to have our posts make an impact on the platform. It’s ever evolving, but it’s also making it tough because of the lack of visibility our little posts are getting. It can be tough and sometimes disheartening, but I’m confident we will get there.


2. Collaborate with 2-3 aligned brands: Part of blogging, is the community, but it’s also about sharing new brands that we come across and giving small companies visibility. With that, we’d like to find brands which share our vision, create a bond and also collaborate with them. Sounds simple enough, but there are loads of brands and companies out there and sometimes it might seem simple to take any collabs or ambassadorship which come our way, but it’s not about linking with just any company. We don’t want to be sell-outs, we want to ensure that the brands which we support will make an impact and are brands we ourselves would be aligned with outside of blogging. If we’re going to put our name to something, it has to mean something. At least, that’s how we look at it.


3. Be a source for change/good: One of the pluses of social media, the fact that it can connect you to so many people, with different views, ideas and it can help to open you up to becoming a better person. For us, when we began this blogging journey, we always knew we wanted to stand for all that is good in the world. We wanted our blog to be personal, but we also wanted to share and spread kindness and inclusivity. Even if we never gain notoriety or fame, we’d like to know we make an impact, even if it’s just on ourselves.πŸ˜…

4. Post More Selfies: This may seem like an odd goal or even a bit self-centred, but give us a minute. πŸ˜ R1 comes from a photography background, so she’s usually the one behind the lens, it’s rare that someone is taking a photo of her. If you were to follow our Instagram feed, you’ll notice that we live far more for a flatlay or for random shots, but not so many photographs of ourselves. We would be lying if we said this wasn’t out of being self-conscious, because it does stem from that, but also because we’re really not THOSE kinds of peeps. But! In the interest of being more open and honest and true to ourselves and trying to connect with you guys more, this also goes hand in hand with putting ourselves more out there and taking steps out of our comfort zones; even if they are baby steps.

5. Stop Second Guessing: Social media is inundated with so many blogs, bloggers and influencers and this can be really exciting as it allows us to connect with people of similar likes. But, in the middle of all that, you can lose sight of your identity and your blog’s identity. So while we might listen and be open to new changes and to the life our blog will take on, we need to keep focused and remain true to who we are. Not get swept up in comparing ourselves to others or blogs we’d like to be like. Who we are is good enough and we must stay true to that fact.

In the year that we have had our blog, it began as a hobby and a way to speak our peace on topics we discuss at home, it was also a way for us to add some more “flavour” to the blogging community, but in the process, it became something much more. We are committed to making an impact on this blogging journey. And we hope that you guys can get something out of it as well  πŸ™‚

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