More Than I Want To Admit…


Reluctantly, I have no choice but to accept that,
I need you more than I want to believe,
More than I want to admit
You have it all together,
And only reach out when you’re lonely or can spare a few minutes,
I drop everything and jump at every crumb you throw my way,
More than I want to admit,
But what can you give me that I can’t give myself?
Other than comfort, safety and the feeling of being wanted?
I don’t fit in your schedule as a constant, 
I am pencilled in
More than I want to accept,
What life can you offer me, that I can’t give to myself?
It frustrates me, that the second I take steps away from you,
Content in my progress,
You notice my happiness without you,
And reach out to me,
Just like that, we resume the dance

September 2018- R1