“Peonies & Gems”

So, I’ll admit that I completely forgot to post this at the beginning of the month and am fully embarrassed to have been so disorganized. Yikes! I don’t even know what my excuse is or could be. Please do forgive me, my head has been in the clouds!

“Peonies & Gems”– Sometimes, when it comes to beautiful crockery and glass jars, I am a sucker for all of it and can’t say no. I snatched 7 of these lovely plates and used an old broken necklace, along with some gorgeous peonies I bought from my local florist in Skipton. I have to say I am very much a fan of this shot.

“Untitled”– I actually don’t have a name for this shot and to be fair, at this stage, I can’t be bothered to come up with one. These beautiful flowers were growing in my backyard a few weeks ago and because flowers and their beauty can be fleeting, I’m glad I got the shot, because they have now died back down and all I’ve been left with is a green bush.

“Feathers”– I have a big collection of feathers we collect from the places we visit or our walks, I was really inspired by the designs in these feathers and that’s really all there is to this shot. It also kinda features a small plate I thrifted through Facebook. Trying not to be a loser an include it in all of my shots! LOL.

“Views”– What more can I really say about this shot and the gorgeous views it displays? I mean isn’t nature just so so spectacular? Words fail me.

“Wave Of Purple”– A wider shot of my lovely purple flowers, I will call them that because I don’t know their name. I know, I know, there is an app for that, but ain’t no body has time for that. After struggling for inspiration this month, so yes, it’s a “repeat” shot.

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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