Please Do

Please do tell me about the many ways I don’t serve you,
Let me know about all the things you don’t like about me,
Point out all my flaws and spread them out like a tapestry,
Tell me that I’m too loud and too opinionated,
Refusing the shrink and bow to the force you apply,
Tell me that I need to calm down,
I need to be like you and adapt your ways,
I need to speak a certain way and be a certain way,
All for your ease and comfort,
But, all I interpret is the many ways you fear me,
The ways in which I intimidate and scare you,
How I show you the areas you need to improve on yourself,
How you’re uncomfortable with my strength and confidence,
But, please do tell me how I should change,
Because I am ready for you.

September 2019- R1

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