RnR Interview: Shannon Riff

Effervescent, full of life, always willing to help and just a great energy to be around. Just getting to know Shannon on a deeper level through this interview brings me a sense of perseverance to stay strong and be the best mother that I can be. We 1st met Shannon at daycare, where her sons attended and my daughter (and R2’s niece) also attended. She was also head of the parents committee at the daycare and just an all around, super mom! Let’s dive in and get to know the Shannon that three young boys call mom!

Light Conversation

Q: What is the tone/sound of your alarm clock?
A: Chamion – Buju Banton

Q: Morning person or night owl?
A: Morning

Q: What’s your fave quote?
A: “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” – Coretta Scott King

Q: Sandals or Sneakers?
A: Sandals

Q: Your word for the year
A: Forgive

Q: What’s the last picture you took?
A: My kids

Q: What book would you recommend?
A: People Pleasing Almost Killed Me By: Carrie Campbell

Q: Countryside or beach?
A: Beach

Q: One fun fact about you.
A: I do not like to fly

Q: Electronic or paper calendar?
A: Paper calendar

Q: Most used emoji?
A: Heart

Q: Fave flower.
A: Gerbera Daisy

Q: Savoury or sweet?
A: Sweet

Q: Favourite Animal?
A: Cat

Q: Fave season.
A: Fall

Q: What was your favourite book as a child?
A: Little Critter books

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?
A: Do not have one…lol (COMFORT)

Q: What do you do to relax?
A: Get a mani & pedi

Q: What’s your most favourite place, you’ve traveled?
A: Maine

Q: Which element best represents you?
A: Earth

Deep Conversation

Q: How would you spend an ideal day?
A: With my family, spending time with my kids and husband. Just enjoying each other. Sharing stories or a good laugh. They are my world.

Q: What are you most thankful for?
A: Waking up everyday, getting the chance for new beginnings….

Q: Current role model?
A: My kids. Kids are great. They are honest and real. Their hearts are huge and all they want is love.

Q: What causes you anxiety?
A: Change in routine

Q: If I could grant you one wish, what would it be?
A: To bring back my mom

Q: What 3 things bring you joy?
A: Husband, Kids, Great friends

Q: When was the last time you meditated/prayed?
A: On a daily basis, Always talking to the greater powers that be 🙂

Q: Would you say your religion is central in your life?
A: Nope

Q: Can you recall a pivotal moment when your faith/belief helped you deal with something in your life?
A: The passing of my mother

Q: What would you like your legacy to be?
A: That my children always believe in themselves, that they remember their roots. That nothing is more important then family. To always be proud, humble and honest. To show kindness and love even in the hardest times. To remember the love their father and I have for them no matter what.

Q: Describe yourself in one word.
A: Selfless

Q: If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be?
A: Sammy Davis Jr.

Q: What is one thing you would like to overcome/conquer?
A: Letting others help me when I need it, to learn that it is OK to have others help.

Q: What do you see when you look in the mirror?
A: A woman that has traveled many roads and is still learning everyday, life is full of adventures.

Q: What advice would you give anyone who is struggling with embracing their uniqueness?
A: To be kind to yourself, everyone is different. What you see as a struggle, may be seen by another person as a blessing.

Q: What relationship advice would you give?
A: Listen more, less talking. Silence holds so much power then you know.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?
A: Don’t rush through life, let things happen. Everything works out the way it should.

Q: Do you ever struggle with being “too” open on social media?
A: At times yes, depending on the situation.

Q: How has your life changed now that you have become a mother?
A: I never thought life could be this amazing, becoming a parent is a gift. I am so blessed to have my 3 beautiful bears. Words do not do justice to how amazing it is.

Q: As a mother of boys, is there anything in particular that you aim to pass on to them?
A: Respect WOMEN!!!!!!

Q: What is something you accomplished this year that you are most proud of?
A: My weight loss journey. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I am so lucky that I have my health back after loosing more them 180/lbs. It is an amazing gift. Health is so important.

Q: What was something that was difficult for you at the beginning of the year, but is no longer difficult?
A: Finding our forever home after selling our house that we put on the market.

Q: What was the most challenging thing for you this year? Or the last few years?
A: The death of my mother and watching her struggle with her battle with cancer.

Q: What 3 most important things have you learned this year?
A: Be thankful for those who support you, Stay true to yourself, Don’t settle.

Q: What’s your most important goal for this year?
A: Say ”NO”more, spend more time with my children and husband.

Q: How do you plan on achieving them?
A: Doing less for others and more for my family.

Q: Of the books, you read this year, which was your favourite and why?
A: People Pleasing Almost Killed Me By: Carrie Campbell – showed me that I am not alone and to put myself first!!

Q: What do you love most about yourself?
A: That I do not give up, That I am a true warrior like my late mother and that no matter how hard things seem. I keep going!! I am fierce , I am a Mama Bear!!!

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