I Thought Wrong…

I thought we were it.
A love so familiar and comforting.
Stable and supporting.
I thought you would always be there,
With me when we tell our love story to tell our children.
I thought you would be my one and only.
Endless memories and stories to share.
I thought I would always have you.
Youth, exuberance and health.
But we took it for granted.
Complacent. Assumed there would always be us.
U-S. You and me. Forever.
I thought you were my English knight.
Charm, wit and always there to make me smile.
I thought the kettle would always be ready for the next cup of tea.
But even that was tainted, when you stopped making me a cup.
I thought grey hairs and wrinkles, hunched backs and worn in bones.
You were it for me.
All of it.
I thought so wrong.

November 2019- R1