Our Fave Shots of 2019

2020. A new decade and all that shizzle. But since 2020 seems to be a bit heavy and we’re only 2 months in (Corona Virus, the sudden death of Kobe Bryant, the Australian bush fires, flooding in Northern England), we could go on…we’re feeling a wee bit nostalgic and wanted to look back on the epic year (in more ways than one) we had. So, be a voyeur along with us and flip through our fave shots of 2019, because it’s not too late to look back!

R2’s Picks

I’ll be honest 5/6 of these pictures are from summer 2019, but it was definitely one summer to remember! I went on a plane for the first time (yes I said first time), checked visiting England, France and Scotland (ahhh!) all off of my bucket list in two weeks flat. Talk about dreams coming true!

R1’s Picks

Whew! Despite there being some epic changes in my life and some amounted to heartbreak, 2019 was still a great year for me emotionally. I completed two huge hiking treks, helped to fulfil one of our mother’s greatest wishes, we traveled to France/Brussels/Scotland (more than once) and London. Spent the year making sure, we lived and explored more and said yes to more adventures, I saw more plays and concerts! Hello Spice Girls, John Mayer ans Bon Jovi all in the same year! I even got to meet and took an awcks photo with Alfred Enoch at the viewing of the play Tree, in which he starred in. Looking back, it really was a spectacular year!

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