Month: April 2020

Thirteen Chapters

We all have our roles within life’s story,It just so happens that yours took up thirteen chapters in my book,Thirteen chapters of dreams, hope, laughter and most of all love,We were there for each other, Through distance, age and other partners,For me, you were always my destination,We took the leap and made the plunge,We meant […]


Forces of Nature

When it rains,Is mother nature shedding a tear for the world she’s lost?The same way I cry over what we no longer have?Each teardrop, a vessel for the love we shared,Carried off and discarded in the soiled Kleenexes on the floor,When there’s a storm, Is it another lesson in not suppressing the turbulence I feel […]



Vacant,Nothing fills the space you left,I carry you in my memories, Even though you’re still very much here,Hollow,Is how I am left after you,Wondering how I got it so wrong,Trying to understand the initial appeal,Empty,With so many whirling thoughts,Spinning, spiraling in my mind,Wondering how to feel, how to think,What to feel and what to think,Yet, […]