Forces of Nature

When it rains,
Is mother nature shedding a tear for the world she’s lost?
The same way I cry over what we no longer have?
Each teardrop, a vessel for the love we shared,
Carried off and discarded in the soiled Kleenexes on the floor,
When there’s a storm,
Is it another lesson in not suppressing the turbulence I feel inside?
Trapped and bubbling to the surface, attempting its escape.

When it hails, are they the reminder of the hope which lies all around me?
Rainbows, birds chirping, full moons, and everything in between,
So much beauty if we only just look
Everything reaching, lurching for visibility,
For its own time in the spotlight.
But fighting the forces of nature that stand in our way.

December 2019- R1

Reference: Illustration by: Karoliina S