They call me brave for taking the chance on you,

But, I was only following my heart,

They call me fickle for not sticking through the tough times,

But I am only protecting my wellbeing,

They say I am a good person for giving it a shot,

But, what I don’t say is that I sit with an overwhelming amount of guilt.

They say I am full of adventure,

But the truth is, I would have followed you to the ends of the earth,

They say I am too giving,

But, I would have kept giving if I hadn’t run out of things to give,

They say I am always so optimistic and positive,

But I am really crumbling and struggling to cope,

They say I have it all,

But really I look around and wonder what it was all for…

Being brave looks so very different to each of us,

I was brave, but I didn’t feel brave…

Jan 2020- R1

Reference: Illustration by Reyna Noriega