Our COVID-19 Bucket List

Yes, we know we are still for the most part in quarantine and that not many things have been re-opened, but in order to keep ourselves sane and keep our spirits up and ready for when the bans are fully lifted and we can live life before the word pandemic entered our vocabulary, we decided to make a list of the places and activities we would like to do in order to enjoy at least some of our summer. So, check out this fluffy and hopeful blog post, because we are hopeful and we WILL go back out into the world and this wonderful city again!

Food, this is literally what life is all about, but something about summertime and trying new places or some old faves and especially since I was away from Montreal for a bit, there are some foods I totally missed. Some of the restaurants on the list are ones I came across on Instagram and have been salivating from afar for a long time, but there are also a couple of our faves thrown in as well.


Us in Grand Plaza, Belgium- Aug 2019

Whew! What a difference a year makes huh? Last year this time, we were hopping around Europe (France, Belgium, Scotland, England) and just being all out tourists. This year, we’ve been forced to rethink our travel plans, if Covid hadn’t halted our plans, we might have been on our way to visit eastern Canada (PEI & Nova Scotia)! It was a location I, personally have been desperately waiting to go on and last year we decided 2020 would be the year…we all know how that story went. It has always been one of my dreams, but that’s ok 2021, we see you.


– Bubble Tea in Chinatown

  • Food festival of some sort
  • Aura (re)discover the Notre-Dame Basilica: This light show is supposed to be something to behold, as if the basilica it’s something special on its own. It’s such a great idea and I’m sure it’s one the kids would love as well!
  • Barbie Exhibit: Most girls and boys love dolls and what more iconic dolls than Barbie? And because Neveah is also a low key nerd, I figured this mixes the two interests in one, so it’s a great activity! And it’s free!
  • Omega Parc: We visited here about 3-4 years ago, but Neveah doesn’t remember this trip, so I thought it would be nice to plan a trip again because it was such an interesting place and seeing the sheer scale and size of some of the deers was something I hadn’t seen before! It is also pretty much the best social distancing activity, because everyone stays in the car as it’s a drive through park! #bonus
  • Verger Champetre: I mean, because why not!? They are so cute and appear low key aggressive, but mostly cute. Neveah is a massive lover of animals, so anything involving animals is a win and they’re llamas…I mean come on, what’s not to like?
  • girls weekend away
  • spa
  • dinner party
  • Ferris wheel at Old Port


One thing COVID hasn’t taken from us, is nature and in some ways it’s one of the best things for us when the world literally shut down. We found solace in taking walks and once I moved, I discovered a cute hidden gem right next to my apartment this has sustained me so so much. Finding pockets of beauty and ways to enjoy and be grateful for nature, because it’s just so pretty. Continuing on that trend, we thought it would be nice to find some hidden gems around the province, to give us some semblance of a vacay…

  • Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles: A beautiful park in our backyard, full of fun, outdoor activities for the whole family. You can simply go for the view and have a walk and picnic, but it definitely looks appealing so that it give us a change to the parks or areas we would normally visit.
  • Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville: Another location, I don’t know if we as Montrealers take enough advantage of, so many fun summer activities we can do there- along with simply taking a bike ride or a walk. I love places that are in the middle of the city, but feel like you’re miles away!
  • Berge aux Quatre-Vents: Stumbled across this location from MTL Blog and just have to visit it, not only is it only about 30 mins away from us, but it looks stunning and who doesn’t want to get into adventures, especially when they’re literally in our backyard.

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