Month: October 2020

Ile St-Bernard

I’ll openly admit, that this 2nd wave of what is increasingly heading to another lockdown, has hit me harder than the 1st wave. I’m not sure if it’s because this time around, I’m in my own place (feeling more alone) or if it’s because it’s heading towards winter, which in and of itself is already […]


I Knew

When did I know? From the first time I met you and my heart began to flutter. So nervous, I couldn’t stop talking, because I felt comfortable and safe. I knew, when I couldn’t bring myself to look in your direction, for fear of giving away how I felt, I knew when you listened and […]



I teeter between telling you how I feel, And leaving it to chance, Somewhat afraid to tell you how deeply my feelings for you reach, Partially scared to speak them into existence, Because for a long time I never believed I was worthy, But, they persist, bubbling under the surface, Exciting and scary all at […]