I teeter between telling you how I feel,

And leaving it to chance,

Somewhat afraid to tell you how deeply my feelings for you reach,

Partially scared to speak them into existence,

Because for a long time I never believed I was worthy,

But, they persist, bubbling under the surface,

Exciting and scary all at the same time,

Looking into your eyes and feeling completely swept away,

Wondering if you also feel the same.

Wanting so much for me to be the one you desire,

But too fearful to take the leap,

I smile, I drift away in your eyes,

But the feelings still persist, bubbling under the surface,

Comfort and passion hits me like a strong cocktail,

Intoxicated, I crave more- how can I tell you when you are so content?

I want more moments like this, maybe the risk isn’t worth pushing to the top,

Suppress and let them simmer…bubbling under the surface

R1- August 2020

Illustrator: Wuukasch