I never expected to be so invested, so soon,

I never thought I would feel love, ever again,

I never thought someone would care about me like you do,

I believed I was the problem,

That I was incapable of love,

Too emotional and dramatic, a lover of conflict,

I never expected to be swept off my feet.

I never believed this damaged goods would be appealing to anyone,

Concerned with filtering my words and my personality, in order to make someone else confortable,

But, with a flutter and a kiss, you broke me free

Said, I see you and I am not afraid, be who you are meant to be,

You see my past as part of the tapestry that makes me who I am today,

You showed me who you are and welcomed me to do the same,

So soon, you have captured my heart,

R1- August 2020

Illustrator: LaurasArtistry