Words To Swallow

I look at you and feel an overwhelming rush of emotions,
So many words I wish I could say,
But they all pile up in my throat,
Bubbling, churning and flipping over inside me,
This is literally my deepest fear,
Taking a chance and saying how I feel,
Opening myself up, being vulnerable,
How can I let you know just how much you mean to me?
Without fear or reservation?
How can I take the leap and know that I can trust you implicitly?
I try to push them down and swallow the words, but it is impossible,
You mean too much to me,
My feelings too acute.
Life too short.
I should practise what I preach,
Reach forward, hold your hand and tell you the three words that are the hardest to swallow.
I love you…
September 2020- R1

Illustrator: Kin Studio