Warm Bodies


It is only when you are alone,
Truly alone,
Sipping on a glass of wine in your empty living room,
Your emotions bouncing and twisting off the walls,
swirling like the liquid as it seeps down your throat,
Alone, alone.
Left with your thoughts and fears,
You default to the nearest thing that will make you feel anything but alone,
Seeking out and searching for anyone who will see you,
It wasn’t until I was alone, both physically and mentally
That I realized just how isolating it is,
Lacking having someone to talk to,
Engulfed in what seems like a never ending wave of emptiness,
You wonder if it is something to do with you as to why no one wants to be with you,
But, let me tell you, as uncomfortable it may seem,
Your own company is the best place for you to be,
Knowing the ins and outs of the person in the reflection,
Will save you from giving it away to just anyone,
Be alone for as long as it takes until,
You are ready to give yourself freely and without reservation,
Leaving behind the baggage and worries of old,
Solid in the faith that you will find someone when the time is right,
Being alone isn’t a curse, it isn’t a life sentence,
Open yourself up to the possibility that it simply isn’t your time yet,
But rest assured it will come.

September 2020- R1