Jealous of the people who have a love so comfortable and easy, it’s like breathing,
The ones who are so in sync, their daily lives, like a dance,
Jealous of a love so secure, a simple look can convey so much,
The smallest twitch of a smile gives away nothing to strangers,
But years of layered inside jokes between the two of you,
Jealous of the steady, rock solid love that comes with years of knowing someone has your back,
The through thick and thin love,
The I would do anything for you love,
Jealous of the comfort of having a comforting body next to you at night,
The one whose steady breathing quails the worries and stresses of your mind,
Of the draped arm over your relaxed body in the dead of night,
Jealous of the firm, yet soft hand to hold at any given opportunity,
The assured hugs and the deep connected looks,
I wonder if I will ever mean that much to someone,
Be the person they rely on,
Lives intertwined like ivy,
Not sure where they end and you begin,
You each have your own identity,
But you are nothing without the other,
Jealous of a shared history, knowing their favourite order,
The first cute note they left you,
Your first photo together,
Jealous of the familiarity of the comfort that comes with a deep love

October 2020- R1

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