For years I was settled into living a life void of colour,
In some ways, I probably self-diagnosed as colour blind,
But, the day I decided I needed to get back to me,
Void of colour or not,
I needed to get to know her,
This new colourless version of myself,
Time lapsed and something began to change,
A speckle of colour began to reveal itself
Slowly, I could make out different colours,
I began to realize that my eyes had merely closed itself to gradient,
Fear had sunk in and worry over took my mind,
But, as I got to know myself,
The rainbow began to open itself up to me,
Life was a revelation and I was accepting its offer,
This new version of myself, wasn’t really new,
It was me all along, I had just forgotten who she was,
Fireworks of colours burst from my heart,
I was all I needed,
I was damaged, but I was whole,
I would never compromise again,
I would never hide the my spectrum out of fear.
Living life in full colour.

Dec 2020 – R1