Willow In The Breeze

my love for you is as steady and assured as a willow the breeze,
flowing, softly, smoothly,
echoing through the forest floor,
carrying with it all my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams and my fears,
light to the touch, but deeply rooted,
tender, supple and sensual,
slowly opening up to the winds from the east or the north,
lingering on each sensation, each feeling,
raw and rough to the touch at times,
yet firmly gripping your flesh,
lingering on your fingertips and leaving my trace,
my adoration is constant, but ebbing and flowing with your need,
moving like the water, beating the shore
constant and consistent like the sound of the waves,
I will be your anchor, your guide, your lighthouse
storms will test us, their strong winds whipping against our skin,
but endure we will because at our core we know what matters,

February 2021- R1