Words Fail

I may never be able to express the depth of love you make me feel,
Language does not possess the adequate words,
The areas of my heart you opened up,
Regions I didn’t know existed,
Places I was told to never peek into,
Or was too scared to explore,
You showed me trust and openness with such simple reassurance and steadiness,
How could I turn away?
Words fail to tap into the feeling of air leaving your body,
The depth of awareness that you will do anything for this person,
And you will do it willingly,
My hand is always reaching for you,
Your touch completely unravels me,
Your smile melts the far reaches of my heart,
Your laughter brings out my playfulness,
Your kindness reassures me,
There are such wonderful people in the world,
Your love reminds me to simply let go and accept what is on offer,
It reminds me that I am capable of giving and receiving love,
That despite my scars, I still have something to offer and it is enough
But when I look over and simply smile, there to greet me is such pure love,
How can I not fall?
Nov 2020- R1