I Knew Love…

If for whatever reason,
I were to lose my memory,
And reliant on you to deposit all the best bits,
Simply tell me I knew love,
All its irrational smiles when the phone buzzes,
All the softness of your voice whispering in my ear,
The light fingertips along my neck,
The deep laughter in my chest,
If I didn’t understand the feeling,
Simply tell me I knew love,
The random smiles throughout the day,
The constant worry that I am enough for you,
The radiating joy when I know I’ll see you soon,
The warmth of your deep embrace,
The fire in the pit of my belly
I knew love,
In all its madness and frustrations,
In all its patience and acceptance,
If for whatever reason, I still don’t understand,
Show me…
June 2021- R1