You ask me why,
Why is the sky blue?
Why do we breathe air?
Why does my heart beat with excitement at the thought of you?
Why do I feel nothing but security when I am in your arms?
Why do your lips taste so good when ours meet?
Why are the stars aligned?
Why is the earth round?
Why do I feel pain at the thought of you leaving?
Why do your eyes twinkle when you’re about to do something mischievous?
Why do I love your smell; a cocktail of cigarettes and cologne?
The answer is simple.
Because I do.
Because you do.
You make me happy.
You make my heart smile.
You have made me feel and be love.
You have shown me that I am capable of full, expansive love
You have taught me patience and slowing down,
You have taught me that you will listen to me with a calm heart and without judgement
July 2021- R1