The sting of being shut out of your pain is lingering,
I thought we agreed we would communicate our feelings,
We were in this together,
But the cold I am feeling is something I never expected,
My mind left wondering,
Worries and fears circling,
Wondering if you’re safe,
Sad that your dark thoughts will engulf you,
And I won’t be there to lend a hand,
Upset that you don’t think me safe enough to confide in,
Because when I said life partner, I mean and meant those words,
Not just in the good times,
Not just when weโ€™re living off endorphins,
But in the tough times, the hardest times
Those are the moments you dig deep for,
Those are the moments which connect us,
Those are the moments we find our true selves and
Find out who we are,
But instead I am alone, nursing the sting of your rejection
August 2021-R1