Angry Tears

You’ve got me here shedding angry tears,
Heavy and wet,
Full of contempt and hurt,
Tears I never thought I would be shedding over you,
Tears, because I don’t want to have to get to know someone else,
The familiar dance of starting over,
The new introductions and surface level conversations,
I don’t want any of it,
I want you,
Angry tears because you pushed me away,
For the first time, it wasn’t me self-sabotaging,
I opened myself up to you,
I welcomed you into my life, fully from the start
Introduced you to all the people who matter to me,
Because you were central to my happiness,
Instead, I’m here shedding angry tears, because you won’t respond to me,
Choosing ghosting, instead of communication and openness,
Behaviour, I never expected from the man I thought I knew,
The man I loved…love.
Angry tears because I never thought you would hurt me,
Angry tears because it hurts so very much
Angry tears because I never thought I would speak of you in the past tenseโ€ฆ
Sept 2021- R1