Some swing open
Some slam shut
Some creak
Some donโ€™t make a sound
Some appear to be haunted
Some are ever reliable,
No matter; they are all still doors
Whether they are ajar or not
They will in some way open
It might not be your door or your time,
But a door will open for you
And reveal the path you were meant to take all along,
Keep trying the doors
Some are heavy
Some are rusted,
Some need extra weight to open them
Some are new and well oiled
Some are hanging on their hinges,
But no matter, there will be other doors,
We might take it as a set back when we get a door slammed in our face,
But step back and realize that wasn’t your entry,
Life will put the right door in front of you.
Keep trying for your doors.
Sept 2021- R1