My Go-To Makeup Looks

So!! In order to lighten proceedings on the blog for this week, we thought we’d do something a bit different and talk beauty/fashion!! Especially as the holiday season is coming up and it doesn’t take much for me to bring out my glittery Fenty Beauty eyeshadow pallet. So, sit back for something lighthearted! This week on the blog, I’ll share my favourite simple, go to makeup looks!!

As I was pulling out my favourite looks and colours, I realize I tend to go for similar tones, which I feel is like most people. I really love brown and burgundy tones, I feel they compliment my skin really well. I’ve recently discovered purples, especially lilacs- which are genuinely really nice as well!! Hint, this might be the Pantone 2022 colour of the year next year, so be prepared to see it a lot! But for my every day looks, browns are definitely my go-to! This palette from Lasplash Cosmetics, was one I got from my Glossybox advent calendar last Christmas and it’s one of my favourite ones!! The colours are amazing and the gold is beyond beautiful. It has the right hint of colour and shine, especially if I wanted a bit of a pop on my eyes. If you can tell from the photo, the browns are definitely one of the most used. The white and blush pink isn’t for my skin tone and makes me look super odd- so they will continue to be avoided. I’m not one of those people who sticks to the same look on a daily basis, I tend to choose my colours at random based on how I feel in the moment. It’s worked for me for over 20 years, so I’m not going to break the cycle. But sometimes that means I’ll have a successful look, but I don’t replicate it, because it was a fluke!
I don’t believe in emptying your bank account in order to have a good eye shadow, there are plenty of brands to try and depending on the look you’re going for or your personal preferences, there is literally something for everyone. This is not a brand drop, but one of the things I enjoy about having my Glossybox subscription is the fact that it has introduced me to many vegan and eco-friendly brands I would have otherwise never heard of. It not only makes me feel better morally as I’ve ticked off 2 things on my list of things to do/be better with, beauty/well-being and being gentle on the environment, proving the 2 can co-exist.

One thing I discovered and really like the effect of, is putting a little bit of eye shadow on the inner parts of my bottom eye lid, I know I didn’t revolutionize anything by doing this, but I find it brightens my eye. I contend that this might be a bit of an “extra” look when I’m WFH and no one sees me but my deaf cat, but it makes me feel good. One of my self-care regimes is my makeup routine in the AM and though it’s something I do which I find taps into my creativity, I have to say that wearing makeup doesn’t and shouldn’t mask how you feel on the inside. Just because someone shows up everyday fully made up, doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling in some way, this might simply be one the routines which grounds them. I can safely and honestly say that is the case for me. Even on the days I am not in the office, I will sometimes still go through the routine in order to give myself a lift. I most definitely still give my skin and self a break from time to time or I’ll take my make up off much earlier in the day. But one of the most liberating things I’ve learnt is that there are no rules, play around, do what makes you happy and that’s literally it. I know people have their looks they will always stand by but other use a general pallet, like how I sometimes will blend random colours just to have a pop and yolo it!

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