If I really sit down and think about it,
The fact is, I chose to accept the breadcrumbs you sent my way,
I looked the other way when it came to the inconsistency of your time,
Of your apparent inability to reach out,
Claims of being too busy or tired or it simply slipping your mind,
If I really let it marinate,
I shouldn’t be an option to someone,
I want, need and deserve someone who will intentionally choose me,
I don’t want to be pencilled in and then forgotten,
So starved for your attention that I take the scraps,
Even if I battled discontentment,
Some of you was better than none of you, or at least that’s what I thought,
But, as the silences grew and I realized I was making all of the effort,
I began building and setting boundaries,
Ones in which I see and know my worth.
Feb 2022- R1

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