Holding On To

Holding On To

I told myself I didn’t want to lose you,
Reluctantly letting go,
But the fact is, I was holding on to things I didn’t need,
Uncertainty disguised as me being needy,
Fitting me in when convenient for you, masked as busyness,
I was holding on to the possibility of how things could be, ignoring the fact that you weren’t in the same place
Seeing the possibility of something, is optimistic but it is also unrealistic,
It takes two,
Two on the same page and progressing towards the same goal
Though, a scar remains, I know what consistency looks like,
I know what clear, open communication is and what it looks like,
I was holding on to things which didn’t serve me,
Too scared I was asking for too much,
Or being too needy,
All out of fear I wouldn’t find love again,
But the fact is, when I love myself, it will come.
This much I know is true.
Jan 2022- R1

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