In Her Eyes


In Her Eyes:

I have been working/writing this book for many years now- it was never a full time commitment, just something I would pick up every once in a while and add to. It wasn’t until I had my daughter and had “time” on my hands, that the idea of finishing book started to wear on me…so I began to write again!


Chapter 1-2
Chapter 3-4
Chapter 5-6
Chapter 7-8
Chapter 9-10
Chapter 11-12
Chapter 13-14
Chapter 15-16
Chapter 17-18
Chapter 19-20
Chapter 21-22
Chapter 23-24
Chapter 25-26


This story began on a whim, I’d always wanted to write from a male’s perspective, but not your typical male “voice”, I’m sure it’s probably not a believable masculine voice per say, but meh- it’s my story 👅. I am by no means a professional writer- I just enjoy it, but have always been a creative person. I hope you enjoy reading my mental musings, as it’s been a kind of baby to me so many many years, and putting it out into the world is little bit daunting 😆. Do be kind.

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