Forces of Nature

When it rains,Is mother nature shedding a tear for the world she’s lost?The same way I cry over what we no longer have?Each teardrop, a vessel for the love we shared,Carried off and discarded in the soiled Kleenexes on the floor,When there’s a storm, Is it another lesson in not suppressing the turbulence I feel […]



Living, breathing, Moving in the same circles, but barely interacting, Just floating and passing each other as if our lives aren’t connected, Walking, passing and not connecting, The void getting bigger and wider and overwhelming, Feelings of loneliness and anger wash over like a wave, Changes, shifting, no longer scary. Feeling stronger on my own, […]



It’s in the moments of sadness and despair,You reach out and see who is there.When you’re feeling down and out and don’t trust your own strength,This is when the power of friendship is the pull and support system you need.The people who are your day ones,They lift you up, but also call you out on […]