Broken promises and empty words are not the currency of my heart. I spent a lifetime waiting and anticipating for love to be an example to me, but it never came. Leaving fear and mistrust in its place,So, I only accept actions and intentions, I will not be short changed.Being present and showing me I […]


Slow Down

Slow down, Take the time for what it is, A moment to reset, Readjust, Realign into yourself, Slow down, You can’t rush what is coming to you, Maybe the timing just isn’t right, Slow down, Life will open up when you stop moving enough to see it, Your purpose will show itself, Slow down, February […]


Navigating My Triggers

I am a runner. Nope, not the running shoes, heavy breathing and sweaty running runner. The I-no-longer-feel-happy-safe-settled-or-off running from relationships like a track and field athlete. Being home quarantined allows you time to do a lot of thinking. Some of that thinking may not be so good, but ultimately it allows you to take stock […]