You are a wonder,Magical,Stronger than you have been lead to believe and much more resilient,Powerful,Water will part at your mere mention,Capable.Do not let the doubts, fears and expectations of others diminish your shine.You are born of Kings & Queens,Goddess.Your history and that of your people lap through your veins.You walk the streets they paved.Courageous,Your words […]



Broken promises and empty words are not the currency of my heart. I spent a lifetime waiting and anticipating for love to be an example to me, but it never came. Leaving fear and mistrust in its place,So, I only accept actions and intentions, I will not be short changed.Being present and showing me I […]


Forces of Nature

When it rains,Is mother nature shedding a tear for the world she’s lost?The same way I cry over what we no longer have?Each teardrop, a vessel for the love we shared,Carried off and discarded in the soiled Kleenexes on the floor,When there’s a storm, Is it another lesson in not suppressing the turbulence I feel […]