Navigating My Triggers

I am a runner. Nope, not the running shoes, heavy breathing and sweaty running runner. The I-no-longer-feel-happy-safe-settled-or-off running from relationships like a track and field athlete. Being home quarantined allows you time to do a lot of thinking. Some of that thinking may not be so good, but ultimately it allows you to take stock […]



It’s in the moments of sadness and despair,You reach out and see who is there.When you’re feeling down and out and don’t trust your own strength,This is when the power of friendship is the pull and support system you need.The people who are your day ones,They lift you up, but also call you out on […]



Insecurities are loud they say,Trust me, I know, I’m shouting them,Busy not liking so many things about myself,I spot them easily within you,Fermenting, churning all the things I’d like to change about myself,But falling back into the same old patterns,Doubting that I am good enough,Fearing maybe I have been the issue all along,Unsure how to […]