Blue Honda

I think of you every time I see a blue Honda,
My heart begins to beat just that bit faster in anticipation,
But then I pull up next to it,
Knowing full well it will not be you,
But the let down is still a slow, sad release,
A flash of your smile hits me,
Every time I see a blue Honda,
I never pay attention to the driver or any of the car’s features,
Just that it’s one step closer to being near something you love,
I get jealous of the care and attention you put into it,
And wonder if you’ll do the same for me,
I think about how your hand’s grip the steering wheel,
Your focus and laid back ease when driving your blue Honda,
Making your way to and fro in the city,
Does the engine make you think about me too?
Or about me in my little car, travelling in the same city?
I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your blue Honda,
See you at your most relaxed,
Singing along to your favourite songs,
Basking in the sunlight,
But yet, it doesn’t lead you to me,
It is always closer to you than I am,
Nov 2021- R1